Master Zhìhuì Makes Many Mistakes!
(Dizzy Gillespie & Arturo Sandoval)

I found this Polaroid in my desk recently. Many years ago, I met with Dizzy Gillespie to create his portrait from a photo. It was at The Blue Note Jazz Club in NYC. Dizzy was great, but here's where your friend and mine goofed:
I also wanted a photo of Dizzy and myself. So I looked for someone to snap it for me. I saw a gentleman coming into the dressing room and I asked, "Would you take a p...." "Sure my friend!", he replied before I could finish -- then proceeded to put his arm around me and pose. Then stupid me said, "No, I mean of Dizzy and me!" The man nodded and then graciously took the photo of Dizzy and I.
What I didn't know was that that man had just defected from Cuba and this was one of his first performances as a free man. It was Arturo Sandoval!
To this day I regret not taking my picture with Mr. Sandoval (even though I didn't know who he was at the time) -- it was so foolish of me. I wish I had another chance! I've been listening to his music ever since.
There's a lesson to be learned from this mistake!

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