Zen, My Foot!

For some people, there may be nothing more relaxing than tending to their gardens. So I thought I would unwind today and use my weed-wacker to carve out the unruly growth around the landscape I call my backyard. Everything was going fine -- until for the umpteenth time, the weed-wacker's starter cord got stuck and would not recoil. Having just fixed something else and gaining great satisfaction from it, I thought I would take the motor apart and fix the conked out cord. Little did I realize was that upon taking the thing apart with the intention of lubricating and cleaning it, a five-foot spring would pop out that would prove impossible to place back where it belonged! After getting filthy and ruining my favorite shirt with spring-grease, I decided I just did not have the patience to endure this task. My Yin told my Yang to go F*** itself! Now my landscape looks like a bad hair day!
Lesson: When playing Mr. Fix-it, sometimes it is wisest to call in a professional!

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