New York City and David Peel

During a film session at a Woodstock reunion celebration in Bethel, New York, we caught up with David Peel, who was a local staple in the Greenwich Village scene in the early 1970's. He was also coincidentally, mentioned in John & Yoko's song, "New York City" on the now overly-talked-about album here on The Adventures Of Master Zhihui, Sometime In New York City.

A sample of the "New York City" lyrics:
Standing on the corner
Just me and Yoko Ono
We was waiting for Jerry to land
Up come a man with the guitar
in his hand
Singing "Have a marijuana if you can"
His name was David Peel
And we found that he was real
He sang "The pope smokes
dope everyday."
Up come a policeman shoved
us up the street
Singing, "Power to the
people today!"

Que pasa New York? Que pasa New York?
Hey Hey.

Master Zhihui promises that this is the last time he will mention the infamous album, but it will help if he gets the iTunes version -- (Which incidentally, and regrettably, leaves out most of the Frank Zappa LIVE JAM disc) -- so he can stop opining over his original vinyl album and terribly scratched CD. So please, gift this album to him!

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