Etching Van Gogh on deathbed still unsold

From Renske Pronk: The etching of Van Gogh on his deathbed, made by Paul van Ryssel (Dr. Paul Gachet), offered for sale at the Master Drawings Week in London, has not yet been sold.
According to selling art dealer Emanuel von Baeyer, the etching got a lot of attention during the Master Drawings Week. He claims that there are some potential buyers at the moment.
The etching shows Vincent van Gogh on his deathbed, seen from his left side. This is the side where Vincent cut off a piece of his ear. Von Baeyer: "It is a portrait which, even in death, shows us the scars of a tortured genius, who produced some of the most remarkable works of the late nineteenth century".
The print of the deceased artist, published in a small edition, is not the only impression that has ever been on the market. In November 2007 a print from the same plate was sold in Paris for 1600 euros. The version offered by Von Baeyer has a much higher asking price. And there is a good reason why…

Unique features

What makes this etching so special is the fact that this particular print is the very first test print made from the plate. Another unique feature on this etching is the inscription on the backside, written by the artist Paul van Ryssel himself.

The print is signed with a monogram in the plate: R.v.P and inscribed: Vincent van Gogh 1890. Signed, dedicated and heavily annotated in brown ink by Gachet: a mon ami Paquet – P. Gachet. (To my friend Paquet) 
On the reverse Gachet wrote with the same pen: Le peintre van Gogh a son lit de mort (1890) eauforte (1er etat, d’apres le dessin original, pas nature (Collection van Gogh a Lahaye) Epreuve tiree par l’auteur PGachet (Signature).
(The painter Van Gogh on his deathbed (1890) etched plate (1st state, after original design (Van Gogh Collection at Lahaye) Proof made by the artist PGachet)

The print is now located at Gallery Emanuel Von Baeyer in London, UK.

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