The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen

I haven’t been this excited about a cookbook in years. Up until recently, if you wanted a great Chinese cookbook, you’d either have to read Chinese or settle for one of those “Joys of…” books that alter and Americanize the recipes.
When I saw Grace Young’s book, The Wisdom Of The Chinese Kitchen, I just could not resist. First of all there is the lovely cover of three generations of beautiful women. Then there are the stories of the author’s family… and finally, the authentic recipes.
I’ll be reviewing this book for the upcoming new magazine East Meets West, but in the meantime, I tried Ms Young’s recipe for Beef Chow Fun and let me tell you, for my first time with this recipe it reminded me of my families home cooking. It was delicious, thanks to the simplicity and depth of the author’s recipes.
Finally a book of authentic Chinese recipes that you can trust!
More soon…

Meanwhile, take a look at my first try:

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