Jade Wah, Sweet and Sour Pork, and The Wisdom Of The Chinese Kitchen Part II

There used to be a very nice Chinese restaurant in the Georgetown neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. It’s the very same restaurant that we’ve alluded to in a previous post with its five foot tall Laughing Buddha. It wasn’t as authentic as some of its NYC Chinatown contemporaries, but one of our favorite dishes back then was their Sweet and Sour Pork -- or as they called it -- Sweet and Pungent Pork, a more bona fide dish than the variety you’ll find at the typical Chinese take-out.
We’ve already mentioned Grace Young’s fantastic cookbook, The Wisdom Of The Chinese Kitchen -- which will be featured in the upcoming East Meets West magazine -- and her family recipe for Sweet and Sour Pork brings us back to the good old days of Jade Wah restaurant. Like Jade Wah used to do, I’ve added sliced maraschino cherries to my interpretation of the dish, but other than that, the recipe is purely from Ms Young’s family.
We strongly recommend this cookbook. Not only are the stories and the information wonderful finds, but also the recipes we’ve tried have kept us in chef-mode night after night.

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